If you need something fun AND educational to keep you and your family smiling through days at home, here are a few links to English language programmes aimed at entertaining you and improving your English.

Year 1


Come and meet the friends who live on the lovely Scottish island of Balamory. This episode features a lost pet, a helpful policeman and a surprise party!

Years 2 and 3

Big Cook, Little Cook

For all you Master Chef Junior fans here’s  a lovely programme about stories and cooking. The recipe is for a delicious Melon dessert. Why don’t you try to make it at home for yourself?

Year 4

Grandpa in my Pocket

Most of us think our Grandpas are special, but Jason’s really is magical! He has a shrinking hat which makes him very small and lets him play tricks on people, especially Troy,  the horrible boy next door.


Joseph’s Machines

I thought this was very funny, but  DON’T  try it at home, please!

Happy viewing – Richard.

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